Career options after an Apprenticeship

20 Jul

What career options follow my Apprenticeship?

apprenticeshipsSo you think you want a career in Digital media, or business…but what actual roles are out there? We’ve put together some career options for some of the Apprenticeships, to help you plan your future!

Career options after your Apprenticeship in:
Digital media 

Film and Video
Administration, receptionist and IT telecoms
Design and printing


World Skills London 2011

28 Sep

World Skills London is upon us again, and boy do we have a plan for you! Well, do we? To be honest, we have so many great interactive ideas for participants on the day that we actually don’t know which one to go for!

For those of you who don’t know, World Skills London (5th to 8th October) is the greatest international skills Competition, careers and jobs event on the planet. Young people from around the world will come to compete in their chosen skill, which could be anything from Landscape Gardening and Hairdressing to Car Painting and Mobile Robotics! Aside from the awesome shows and competitions, there will be loads of recruiters and trainers scouting for talented and passionate young people, and just waiting to give them a chance to get skilled up, qualified, and employed.

The Mapalim crew will be there in force, talking to anyone who is interested in following their passion and developing their skills.

What is YOUR passion?

We know that the best way of helping young people develop is to ask them what they are passionate about, then provide them with training, support and real work experience, so they can get there quickly. What could be better than finding a job in something you are passionate about?

Win a job!

On the first day of World Skills London (5th October) we will be launching a competition on our Facebook page, giving you the chance to win an exciting job at our London office! All you need to do is simply tell us what you are passionate about, and how you would go on about organizing an event relating to that passion. For example, if you are a budding musician, would you organize a private local gig, perhaps make a music video and release it on YouTube first, or even organize a huge concert at Wembley Stadium! How would you do it? We will judge your ideas based on their creativity and organization, and the winner will be announced on the last day of World Skills London (8th October).

To apply, go to our Facebook page, click like, and fill in the short form. You don’t even need to go to the World Skills London event to apply, and if you have any friends who could do with an awesome job in London, get them to apply too!

Mapalim Apprenticeships on Facebook

Winner or not, we have a range of apprenticeships that are designed to develop your skills, harness your passion, give you real work experience and get you qualified… oh, and we pay you too!

To find out more about our apprenticeships, click here.

Career options after your Apprenticeship in Design and Printing

8 Aug

Graphic designer 

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Career options after your Receptionist or Admin Apprenticeship

8 Aug

Personal assistant

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Career options after your Apprenticeship in Childcare

8 Aug

Nursery nurse
Nursery manager

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Career options after your Apprenticeship in Film & Video

8 Aug

Film & video editor

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Career options after your Apprenticeship in Digital Media

8 Aug

Digital marketing Executive
Social media manager 
Graphic designer
Web developer/programmer
Web designer

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Top tips before going freelance

1 Aug

freelanceFreelance work is an option if you want short term work. It’s a popular choice for artists, designers and writers. What about you?

  • Believe in yourself!
  • Get work experience and build a strong portfolio
  • Learn new skills. The more you know, the more flexible you can be!
  • Research rates of pay in your field, then use a calculator like this one to work out your hourly rate
  • Where will you be in 5 years? Set yourself goals to keep on track
  • Dare to be different, it can be an advantage!
  • Do projects with others, making contacts may help you find work.
  • Pick a trading name and think about what your brand represents

For more tips on freelancing, download this free ebook!